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12:27pm 13/12/2005
  does this thing still work?  
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12:31pm 29/05/2005
  ...I love Emily.  
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01:16am 17/03/2005
mood: drunk

.Lots of alcohol, Emily, pizza, sex, and Boondock Saints.

It gets no more perfect.
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12:21am 27/02/2005
  When you find yourself being flushed down a toilet, you then realize that you've failed at life.  
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Words and the power they hold   
12:19am 23/02/2005
  So fucking patronize me for playing with one of God's songs. Chuck died December 5th, 2001 if memory serves, or within a few days of that, so I came up with this, officially:

Death died 5/12/2001 - possibly something less nerdy, more vague, more metal? I don't care. A random thought.

I'm going to Europe with Emily. She does't yet know of my current plans, but we're going to Europe next summer. Not this sumer, next summer. We'll be graduated, have a bit of money, and go backpacking in Europe. All over, it'll be great - I've been talking to a friend who went over there last year and told me about the little quirks to making things simple and monetarily cheap over there, so I'm looking forward to it immensely. I love her. Hear me, dear? I LOVE YOU.

And I can't stand to sit here, knowing her knowledge, knowing her nostalgia, wanting to know her every pain and worry but never quite understanding everything but trying to help anyway, realizing the number of fights and how frequent they're potential. And I don't care, because I'm willing and unconditionally able. I'm still going to hope, and I'm still going to try - because I can, you see - because I love you and that, my dear, is not going away.

I want to say it feels like an unspoken competition - regarding our home, that is. I love it and she loves it more. I remember it and she remembers it better. I smile at a memory and she cries her awful, awful tears. Three things one never forgets about this wondrous creature: her smile, her eyes, and her tears. People aren't supposed to be put through that kind of torture. People die of guilt/heartbreak when she cries, and no butterknife torture could ever be as painful.

I'm a writer, love, not a speaker, so it's supposed to be easier to write everything, but I fail at this as well. Perhaps redundance will catch on, but I can't count on it; you're more stubborn than my mother herself.

I love you.
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02:05pm 20/02/2005
mood: groggy
Emily says I'm not cool enough to update a livejournal. I think I'm plenty cool enough, all modesty aside.
She's watching her new Nightwish DVD (from "Rareshowz") on my laptop that she so hates when I steal her ethernet cable to get on the internet because her computer, it's viruses and popups (which she seems to be able to tolerate) are so fucking obnoxious, so in order to rid my internet surfing experience of bad influences, she gets aggravated, and no one wins, but it's five extra minutes on UG :D (www.ultimate-guitar.com - my favorite site in the world) - that's really inconsiderate of me and she looks rathersmiley right now watching her Nightwish DVD - "Planet Hell" I believe it is? and she looks really beautiful right now and always, but enough of decribing the moment. I get to work today, and I have tomorrow off of school and work, so we're going to get drunk in honour of President's Day - if only we had moonshine and some classic whiskey :(

Emily has an orgasm every time she listens to or sees Tarja sing - it's very strange, always saying "oh my god, she's a goddess." The part about this I don't understand is the fact that humans usually don't worship beings off a lesser importance/divinity/being than themselves, but Emily just sits there smiling, knowing she could sing it a billion and a half times better than Tarja could ever dream. So I'm convincing myself that everytime Emily says something about Tarja, she's actually talking about herself.

I set up a charity fund at work the other day. It's called the "Sean REALLY Needs a New Guitar" fund. I need $700 for the guitar I'm getting - a Schecter C-1 Classic (http://www.zzounds.com/item--SCEC1CL) - the antique amber one. It's beautiful, and whoever donates automatically gets a copy of my demo when it's released. In other words, if you'd like to donate to this enormously important fund, contact me, and you'll get some damn good music out of the deal :D
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11:25pm 26/01/2005
mood: cold
I'm at school. The radio is on. They've played three Korn songs in the last hour, all from the same album. And people wonder why I don't listen to the radio. Someone called Death Metal "stupid" earlier.

Well, it's not. Fuck you. I missed Suffocation - that's not acceptable. I need a car.

My hands are cold, and I'm thinking about Devin Townsend and how much I don't like him.

I love The Decameron. Fucking great book. I'm a whole half a day into it. It reminds me of The Human Equation from Ayreon in the way the concept piece was put together, but instead of a car accident, it's set around the Black Plague. Pretty intense. You should read it.
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06:04pm 24/01/2005
mood: dorky
I love Emily.
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